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The Catholic Church prevented genocide

The Catholic Church is essential because humans do not know organize without unequal distribution of wealth.

It tells the Pope Francis I in one of your posts in Lent (February 2014):

"So says Francisco, "the poverty of Christ is the greatest wealth "and Christ" invites us to enrich this rich his wealth poverty and poor. "Moreover, "the wealth of God can not pass through our wealth, but always and only through our poverty”."

For anyone to run out to understand this paragraph, I inform you that it integrates a text that is titled The very poor and the rich wealth poverty - A material poverty is fought with charity, morality and spiritual with mercy. (1)

As a user of the language, I can not understand the quoted paragraph. Maybe if I were not an atheist achieve a better understanding.

However, they commented to those who do not understand: In general, the Catholic Church makes it soft and advice from the rich to give away a little more of fortunes who earn honestly and encourages the poor to tolerate, suffer, endure, withstand.

As I understand it, the Catholic Church tells its believers to imitate Christ in His infinite goodness, in the austerity of his life, in resignation to injustice, including himself killed in a torture machine (the cross).

What does the Catholic Church with this attitude, which has existed for several centuries? What does your preaching is calm things down, avoid social unrest that might occur when reporting the 85 richest people in the world have the same amount of material resources than 3,750 billion poorest people on the planet (ie, half of the world population) (2).

Holy water they use in their rites seems off an impending fire, by which the wealthy minority must perish dismembered by an angry obscene to most unequal distribution of wealth.

One possible explanation for why rich and poor live together without killing each other, is:

In our species we just organize generating strong inequalities in the distribution of wealth. To avoid genocide at the hands of the rich the poor, the Catholic Church, like an advertising agency, is responsible for tempers to cool, so the rich will pay large sums of money, the application can be seen in lavish wealth we see in the Vatican and in most churches in the world.

Conclusion: if the rich do not remain financially to the Catholic Church, would be executed and would not exist where companies earn our daily bread.

(1) Ver artículo de ALETEIA

(2) Resumen del informe anual de Oxfam, presentado en la cumbre de Davos llevada a cabo a comienzo de 2014.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La Iglesia Católica evita un genocidio.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.119)

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