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What we accept education

Students should develop, through practical exercises, tolerance to frustration and two more things, as commented below.

There are three things we have to accept, like it or not like.

Rather, there are three more things we have to accept, but this article can not speak for all that we would have to accept because it would be too long. Also, I do not know what we would have to accept.

More precisely, there are three things we have to accept as far as education of the younger generation is concerned. That is, just write something about education today, century 21, February 2014. From Uruguay. South America.

Those three things are:

1) Children should, without emboldened, the teacher or professor can learn from them. Neither students nor are totally ignorant teachers know everything. Maybe it's the times that teachers teach students, but that does not mean all the time should be so.

So, (and this goes for students and educators) neither holds knowledge absolutely. In any case, teachers often know more than the students, but sometimes students know something that educators unknown. If students become great because they know something that the teacher ignores must learn not to be so arrogant, and if teachers ignore something that students know they must learn to not be depressed, because if they are showing that higher beings believed, instead of trained workers for "learning to learn" the new generations.

2) To learn sometimes is essential bored, angry, rebel. Just as all children have to endure the inevitable eruptive diseases, appropriate to their age, will also have to endure study when they feel like playing and have to endure memorize content that does not understand what they do.

Rain is inevitable and beneficial natural phenomenon, so adults should listen to the complaints of the students as we hear the sound of rain. After all, learning to endure frustration will serve them throughout life. The schools are gyms for toning frustration tolerance. Unfortunately, many mathematics teachers enjoy causing more frustration than occur naturally.

3) It's good that diversity, tastes, talents, time evolution is observed, but there is something that you can not respect is that the educational process is the formation of citizens who end up integrating a great team, that is, the productive power of the nation. Those future great team players must, minimally literate, understand what they read and handle handle tools as cutlery or toilet paper.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Lo que debemos aceptar de la educación.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.150)

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