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Money is a good instrument

Somehow, the Pope proposes Francisco I work for free or are not understanding what you mean.

Next February 25, 2014, will be presented at the Vatican a book by German Cardinal Gerhard Müller (image) entitled: Excellent for the poor. The mission of the Church.

The book's title evokes one of the first statements of the newly Pope Francis I, in March 2013: "How would a poor church and to the poor!"

From the foreword, written by the Pope, I draw this thought his "money is a" good instrument itself "but if it is not offered to others, turns against man".

I share with you a few comments:

It is a breakthrough that the primary moral authority of the Catholic expressly say  "money is a good instrument itself".

As I say, is progress, especially when you consider where they are the most spiritual standing, ie repudiating "filthy lucre" (as they usually call it).

Another important phrase: "How would a poor church and to the poor!" Not much they can do without material resources priests. Neither priests nor anyone. Perhaps what I mean is Francisco "How would a rich church (as we have) to (begin to) help the poor".

Another valuable idea: "if (money) is not offered to others, turns against man". Are we referring to the same man or he is thinking of some other species? Can you imagine what would happen if we offered our money? Depending on the wealth of each, would enter into destitution in no more than 30 seconds, thanks to which, we would become the needy would have to help others.

Imagine: If a ruling party - the people who asks you to do something to contain a crime - wave, proposed the immediate evangelization of current prisoners and of prisoners who were once, how much would improve public safety?

What I'm saying is that humans are not generous for a simple reason: WE ARE WEAK, born premature, we need two decades to become young adults. With this congenital weakness, can anyone seriously think that we will provide the money we hard-earned?

With this type of policy, exposed from the highest ecclesiastical authority, which reaches millions of believers (baptized 1,214 million in 2011), the Catholic Church is sponsoring more poverty (we increasingly poor!) And the imaginary Minister of Homeland Security would have a bad management if you only try to persuade human criminals begin to behave better.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El dinero es un instrumento bueno.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.128)

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