martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

Get to know our unconscious

Our mind is organized in layers located at different depths. The deeper and unknown are evidenced by unfounded criticism we make of others.

Imagine that the personality or the psyche or the human mind has different layers, so that is very visible, the second is less visible, but clearly influential in our behavior and thus, other, deeper and deeper, until one of them that we have the news for being far removed from the consciousness (exterior surface).

The most visible layer functions as protection because they are aware of our vulnerability. Although not all the time we're saying "how weak I am!" Speak wisely, not naively trust any stranger, we keep information.

In a second, deeper layer, we are organized to live in society, to earn the money necessary to speculate, to find the best opportunities to avoid unnecessary expenses.

In a third layer, even deeper and, therefore, less known and quite possibly unknown, we compare ourselves with others, observe what our peers have to evaluate what we would be able to get. In this third layer functions envy is so far from consciousness (we are so little aware of it), because our culture does not encourage but, on the contrary, repressed.

In a fourth layer, perhaps the most profound and far from our consciousness, so unknown that could say that is unconscious is our desire domination of our lives, what could hurt us, those around us. We want to have enough power to dramatically reverse the weakness, vulnerability, fear of uncertainty. In the fourth layer are: omnipotence, wishes more absolute domination, ruthless, unscrupulous, cruel, sadistic. This layer is so little known because it is suppressed by the culture. Our desire to dominate, humiliate, exploit are punished by society to integrate.

How do we learn our most shameful and repressed contents? We learned that we imagine in others because we use them to unfairly accuse others.

All interpretations of the attitudes of others denounce us. If we accuse envious, we talk about our repressed envy, if we accuse unscrupulous, sadistic, authoritarian, or whatever, we're talking about, without realizing it, our numbers of layers three and four.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Cómo conocer a nuestro inconsciente.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.138)

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