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Free Will, Health and dominant character

Those who believe in free will also understand that human life is not as automatic as is the life of other living beings. Supposed to be controlled and eventually supposed to be controlling others.

Free will is the philosophical position that humans can make real decisions without being influenced by anything else than their own intelligence or will.

This philosophical stance is opposed to determinism, according to which humans can NOT take real decisions, but it is Nature that makes us act, act as does any other element, with or without life: a tree, a leaf wind, an earthquake.

Those who believe in free will are absolute majority. Very few believe in determinism.

According to this stream of low acceptance, to disbelieve in the dictates of Nature, while they believe in the ability of humans to govern their own lives, think that there should be managed, managed- directed, worked by each us. They believe that to live is to think about how to live, what to do, what to eat, what moves to make, how to control us even in the smallest details. The majority believe that our body is like a machine that requires observation, analysis, maintenance, monitoring, maximum control.

All this, according to deterministic, it is misleading because no other animal, similar or not similar to human anatomy, he takes much care or try to exercise as much control and yet, normally lives.

Those who believe in free will perform a series of actions when they feel some pain: take a soothing, Internet consulting, consulting a doctor, allegedly swallowed some toning, preventive, enriching chemicals.

With that attitude, I believe, and I propose to think practically nullify the processes of self-healing characteristic of any living organism. Not only disrupt the self- healing but in the medium term, continuous attitude that atrophy the natural mechanisms of self-healing process. For this reason, having achieved that atrophy, become totally dependent on the medicine people.

It is normal, between those who believe in free will, fantasy according to which health is a matter of negotiation with the doctor, similar to that is really bargaining when attend the mechanic who proposes options (buy a stock replacement so one customizable, repair today, make some general modifications).

In short, those who believe in free will are people who imagine themselves able to control their lives, and as are consistent, imagine also capable of directing the lives of others (family, friends, acquaintances).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Libre albedrío, salud y carácter dominante.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.152)

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