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What changes while as usual

Nature sure our species already have enough quantity, may be less concerned about the conservation of each inviduo.

For many people Psychoanalysis is a technique, art and science too sensualistic, pansexualist obsessed with sexual function.

They are right: psychoanalysis puts great emphasis on sexuality.

The reason is that the only important thing for any species is perpetuated. All living beings are endowed with the momentum to keep us as a species.

As can be seen, it is necessary to keep each copy store.

Although the human psyche priorizarnos drives us as individuals, that we have one of the many points of disagreement between what everyone wants and what nature imposes.

Indeed, it seems that nature cares very little about what happens to us individuals. The bottom line is always the species. Hence, individuals can be exposed to incidents that increase our vulnerability and mortality.

Worse, now that we are already seven billion specimens and the species seems to have a life insurance for many years, it is likely that the nature (expressed in each with automatic organic runs, with the instincts, with features more animals) from worry even more individuals.

In other words, as are many of us individually are worth less because each has multiple alternates.

How is this supposed lack of nature manifested by individual specimens of our species?

1) We reproduce less;
2) We lose interest in sex;
3) Increase the number of gay people (who can not reproduce);
4) The proportion of elderly compared to the young is greater;
5) methods of treatment group lost interest and, therefore, efficiency;
6) Increase the chances of armed conflict and epidemics;
7) Solidarity loses strength;
8) cases of depression are increased;
9) The treatment is intolerant individuals or indifferent;
10) The use of substances that keep us from reality, is greater;
11) Religions decrease the amount of faithful;
12) The Lone entertainment gaining followers;
13) It becomes more difficult and expensive to find a place to stay;
14) The economic pressure on states generates frequent crisis;
15) The most vulnerable people (children, sick, elderly) die in greater numbers;
16) Increases crimes against life;
17) Increasing the stress increase psychosomatic illnesses;
18) Although we have very different anatomies, the roles of men and women increasingly look more.

The interesting thing is that, throughout history, these feelings have always existed. The only novelty is that never before were seven billion copies, while the size of the planet remains the same.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Lo que cambia mientras todo sigue igual.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.140)

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