domingo, 2 de febrero de 2014

Isolation and a deserted island

If we earn our living by dealing with others, we assess if we can not communicate our situation is like being on a deserted island.

While it is true that “Smoke and Mirrors”, we have to recognize that sometimes "Silence gives consent".

Since "Not all that glitters is gold", we understand that sometimes shut someone without agreeing. Therefore, not whenever someone is dumb we interpret that agrees with the last thing you said.

However, as "The exception proves the rule" no shortage of rogues who create a situation of dumbness for appearances deceive, ie, that seems to be passing the dumb things said.

Prevent the buyer talk is a common technique in both the bad sellers and bad sellers common buyers. Good buyers are those who do not get dizzy with the verbiage seller willing to enmudecerlos.

Bad sellers are those who just want to sell, regardless of the conformity of the buyer. They forget that a business survive if your customers care for preventing waste your money.

Vendors speak-and-speak for the buyer not think, to not try to evaluate what you buy, so that it is at the mercy of the seller hypnotized-predator, are organized with a short-term strategy. They do not understand that one dissatisfied person earmark part of their energy to discredit.

The tactic of not letting the caller to speak to have the last word is not only used in trade negotiations. Out of them, many people try to keep others express : occurs between friends, between colleagues, between teachers and students, between voters and candidates, including spouses.

The other variant of this phenomenon confinement occurs when the speaker is not heard. In fact like I could not express because his ideas fail to whom they are directed.

Note that if the way we earn our living depends on communication with others, when this communication does not happen, we have to make a living like we were on a deserted island (fishing, hunting, farming, harvesting).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La incomunicación y una isla desierta.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.112)

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