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The disinterest in masturbation

Masturbation is ceasing to be so attractive that now is no longer prohibited as before.

When even felt threatened species survival instinctively drank severe precautions in the administration of sexuality.

Almost always they were united efforts of political leaders, religious leaders and medicine. The involvement of the media was always present because the rules dictated by these three institutions somehow had to reach the population.

To preserve the species family formation, health policies and especially sexual behavior were based.

The phobia, almost universal, homosexuality has as its main cause sterility of these unions.

In this article I will share with you a comment on male masturbation.

Until recently, (January 2014 courses), this practice was taboo. No one confessed practice. Now we are seven billion copies, now that fear to disappear as a species have fallen, begin to emerge more relaxed feedback autoerotism.

For males masturbate was a terrible shame, presumably because, in times of crises germinal (shortage of pregnancies, low population rate), pull sperm could be considered an unforgivable act of betrayal;

For males was also an honor to be banned claiming masturbation care so valuable seed. We privábamos a pleasure but we felt important;

The social structure based on monogamous marriage is unnatural, but ended up accepting it because we had no choice. Men are not monogamous, but if we further prohibits masturbate, our sexuality is under the control of the wife, then, with particular frequency, it appealed to extort refusing to have sex if their interests were attending.

In this situation, there was no other recourse than to please the wife who actually controlled the satisfaction of male sexual desire, or, failing that, the purchase of sexual services (prostitution), for which the man had to have the economic resources sufficient.

All this, without realizing it, is changing because we have overcome the danger of extinction.

Having overcome this danger, taboos, prohibitions and prejudices of a sexual nature are disappearing. No prohibitions loses strength libido, erotic passions diminish their intensity, perversions are scarce, leaving the sexual repression of Catholic celibacy as one of the few risk groups.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El desinterés por la masturbación.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.130)

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