viernes, 14 de febrero de 2014

Just get something when we deliver more

Young people do not get jobs until they understand that only receive money who give something MORE valuable than the money they receive.

I love to study, but I am not in favor of study for ethical reasons, fulfilling a mandate patriotic, national, moral.

Who studies reluctantly works as a woman who risks being raped, which suffers from being raped, but, basically, I like it because it gratifies the sense of " mission accomplished."

Teaching is a business like any other service: health, cleaning, house paint, furniture, decoration.

There are those who are dedicated to teaching because they earn money honestly addressing the need for some people to learn what they like or addressing the need for some people to obey this cultural mandate to "be a student", "to learn what they tell you to learn”, taking his time and energy as others want, at the expense of self-interest and desire.

Those who study in obedience sadden me. Are cases of modern slavery. Those who study under compulsion have lost part of human dignity. Still deserve the same love that we deserve all those we work with pleasure and who make an effort because they are required, but this equality in the worthiness of love does not hide inequality harms: they are not masters of their desire, they have to rent your body to others to use to enjoy through it. Like my beloved prostitutes.

For example: there are people who love the English language, however, many also as prostitutes, that is, because others insist them, the press, use that youthful body to do what they do: enjoy the body, time, energy.

Learning English is like losing time currently recalling the results of all multiplications, being that calculating machines are built up in the inevitable phone.

Do not look guilty. This is so because that all societies are organized. If slaves seeking guilty of slavery is just to encourage imaginary justice, by slow, keep them in prostitution chronically.

One of the reasons why there is not guilty of slavery that many of these rely on the complicity of the slaves.

When young they retain infantile omnipotence are idealists, the world takes ahead and imagine that they can earn a living when they want, as easily consumed by resources provided to parents.

The omnipotence and scapegoating are symptoms of the most insidious disease that affects humanity: hope. Sometimes parents need to die to achieve these delusional hopeful understand that money is earned not pure will. Only wins giving something to others is more valuable than the same money. If you supplied is not more valuable than money, then I saved because no one is stupid enough to exchange a valuable thing for another less valuable.

I repeat: to receive money from someone we must give an effort that someone Be MORE than the money it delivers. I said MORE even equal.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Solo recibimos algo cuando entregamos algo más.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.122)

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