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Nature tells us 'DESconócete yourself'

All cultures prevent us from knowing our psyche to become insecure, fearful and eventually traitors of our fellow citizens.

Society teaches us to know what we know to work with her ​​and teach us to ignore what we do not know (well) to collaborate with her.

For example, we ignore that we are taught to ignore because if we thought we could learn, for example, which is quite normal to be afraid to study, to work, to bond emotionally.

Teaching ignorance resembles those situations when a brother says to another: "I'll tell you something, but promise me you will not tell Mom". In this case two brothers, for some reason, need to ignorance of the mother. The companies also need citizens ignore some things but, paradoxically, themselves.

Culture needs to feel very afraid, we are cowards, scary. What for? For us to be easily controllable, that we may be obedient, unable to take risks, unsure of our opinions, phobic face of ridicule.

All of these weaknesses are inherent to our species. No one is born brave, confident, determined, but how he manages our culture so that these natural weaknesses from becoming crippling, disabling, pathological ? Teaching us to deny, to repeat that we are bold, confident, worthy of being represented by our patriotic symbols.

The method by which we learn to ignore is to publicly deny the own characteristics of our species: fear, cowardice, the tendency to be traitors of our fellows.

The consequences could not be better: those who feel in our mind what we say not feel who feel fear but can not recognize, were paralyzed, we know who we are, we fall into a complete insecurity, we are afraid of everything, just know obey respect, fulfill and continue ignoring us.

If you feel that you know, you might actually know or perhaps a good student of the educational system that trains to be unknown.

But WARNING ! There is an evil genius who manipulates us well but we humans organize. This phenomenon (teach us to ignore) is inherent in our nature and it is not the work of malicious individuals. We are known for this way of life, and use a language or build large buildings.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La naturaleza nos dice ‘DESconócete a tí mismo’

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.118)

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