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Concentration and velocity

Drivers who speed up and accelerate to concentrate better, sometimes make a slightest mistake can be fatal. Why accelerate both? Here we have a possible explanation.

I will make a comment about something that I never heard or read, but between you and I can evaluate.

Common sense usually recommend something like: "If you're not sure, you go slow 'or' If you can not concentrate on what you're doing, strengthen your precautions", or as the Mexicans say, "Do not worry pa ' you last».

So much common sense, folk wisdom, we should all know and practice. However there may be something less obvious.

Why anyone would accelerate your vehicle when everything indicates that it should walk more slowly than usual?

Some strange mental mechanism makes some people (some people said, everyone SAID NO), when they lead distracted listening to the radio or talking on the phone or attending a companion 's conversation, accelerate rather than slow down.

This phenomena is so little known that even the same drivers that they realize just become bold when they are distracted.

The cause, applicable in some cases and not in all, is the following:

Our mind can understand that increasing the speed, risk and recklessness, does increase concentration and, therefore, the precision handling.

It seems strange, yet so in many cases.

I can only put two examples from different areas, just to reinforce the idea of what happens in the handling of vehicles:

Speed-reading requires reading as quickly as possible. This technique is based in large part on not read slowly, read slowly because those who are distracted more easily than those who are struggling to read very fast.

Another example: The electronic games test the skill of the player demanding increasing response rates. To move from one level to another need to increase more and more concentration, for which the games drastically reduce the times of timely response: more speed achieved better scores. Those who know how to have fun with these deviate from reality games. This happens to them because they concentrate the maximum to meet the times required by the game. When they want to agree, they forgot to eat, to sleep, to... J

Clear that drivers who speed and accelerate to concentrate better, sometimes they make some minimal error that can be fatal.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Concentración y velocidad.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.134)

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