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Ambition is a burning desire

In the wisdom or wrong, I still believe that Christianity, with its beliefs, their religions, their dogma is a real incentive for the poor to remain poor and accept, without shame, the gifts they receive from welfare-rulers (generally populist and mostly left), because somewhere in the New Testament (Matthew 6:26-34 - Sermon on the Mount), Jesus would have said no point in working for a living but, observing what makes God with the birds and the lilies of the field, how much more will address the needs of food and clothing of humans engaged in worship and preach his word.

In short, Christians have a moral obligation not work, for two reasons:

1) Because Jesus said it is not necessary to work ; and
2) For those who work surely will disregard most important, that is, to worship God and preach his word. (I can not even imagine what the planet with only priests and nuns. Indeed the species would become extinct because they do not want children).

In the video associated with this article I comment something referred to ambition, while this can be defined as a burning desire.

Indeed, in the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus can be seen installed in the body of the leader, a flaming heart surrounded by thorns.

Apart from that the image is sadistic and can only be assessed by masochistic people, adding that also exists among Christians disguised an ulterior motive.

I believe this so clearly symbolizes ambition, picture may indicate that Christians are people trying to get rid of the annoying burden of ambition, because it forces us to work, study, be disciplined, frugal, thrifty.

From these premises, this article and video attempting to share the idea that among Christians, ambition (the desire for progress, intellectual and material) is delegated to the sado- masochistic figure (the figure of the Sacred Heart). The believers in this myth have resolved the trouble we suffer the ambitious we can not delegate to another that vocation and efforts imposed on us (work, study, save).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La ambición es un deseo ardiente.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.172)

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