lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

It is unfair to equate the different

Probably all men would live better if we had grounds to be responsible for the women and children we had with them. The evening of our roles confuses us, we are distressed, we lose quality of life.

Our culture cultivates envy, probably with the tortuous quest for better living through matching different.

When I say different I mean men and women, rich and poor, those living in highly developed countries and those living in highly developed countries.

Envy is a destructive feeling for his aggressiveness. The envious want to enjoy what I imagine the other enjoys and if you can not do the good, that is, trying to outdo, choose the fast track, ie destroy who provokes envy, either preventing its apparent wellbeing, directly killing him.

This feeling is in our psyche works and probably necessary. For one thing, in so many millennia of evolution as a species, and even continues to run, as I said at the beginning, now with the support of many people who consider predispose beneficial to those who are mentally ill against those who appear to be better.

To enable women to live better, probably would have to belong to a man almost patrimonially great courage, powerful, authoritative, capable of generating sufficient economic resources to support a large family.

In this context, women feel safe, exercising a role of female able to conceive and to help the children of the great man.

However, this is impossible because they are not men with those qualities. Current men (ie, those under 100 years), we have so much courage, strength, heroism, ambition, ability to command. I might add that they are as feminists because we have effeminate men. In other words, equality is produced by a dual approach: they are more independent and virile men and women are more dependent.

This approach is annoying because we lose identity, doubt about who we really are. We lose because we lose perception of sex clearly differentiating features. It is increasingly difficult to know whether we are men or women, our respective sensitivities are confused.

For these items I think we could live better if we could highlight the differences that bring clarity to our profiles and if we lost the similarities borronean our figures.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): Es injusto igualar lo diferente.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.197)

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