lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Envy as an economic factor

The problem of inequality in the distribution of wealth would not be so problematic if the instigators of envy stop sabotaging the peaceful coexistence of citizens.

Now that health problems are relatively more controlled than a century ago, socioeconomic inequality is one of the main problems of mankind.

What is a genuine problem is poverty, ie, that state of extreme poverty in which individuals do not have enough food, shelter and housing shelter to survive.

The quality of life of those who were destitute, ie, the quality of life of the poor is a problem magnified largely by envy.

Cause that discomfort is a way to gain applause, as those marked with moralistic tone that no one can withstand some responsibly owning half the planet while others even have their own home, is a malicious gesture.

Ally intended verbally with the needy (not homeless) to create enmity against others. They are insidious.

Not bad report what you have to report. For example : "Mr. A, we let you know that Mr. B has a thousand times more amenities in your home you”.

If Mr. A does not feel concerned for the tip, fine; if Mr. A reflects and questions about why so many have such a comfort, perhaps engages find legitimate ways to match it.

What is tricky is to add to this information a set of comparisons that will surely stimulate envy against Mr. A Mr. B, whereby the communicator becomes an instigator, someone who makes advocacy of vandalism, a terrorist seeking antagonizing them against each other.

This informant, saboteur of peaceful coexistence, has no good intention deserves leave act on their conspiratorially. He just wants to win the favor of the poor who may have aggressive stimulate envy he tries to get some profit from the poor or to receive any benefit from the rich to resort to bribery to suavizarle so aggressively.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La envidia como factor económico.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.178)

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