domingo, 13 de abril de 2014

The prohibition of incest and God

Having to accept the prohibition of incest baseless and unprovable belief in God makes our brain is considered a poor body, which can not be trusted. This explains why so many people are poor because they are unable to earn a living.

We are brought up to be poor and that education is perhaps the most effective, because we came from the side of authoritarianism.

When a child asks why he can not play the sister and where God is, you will get crazy, unusual and fundamentally wrong answers.

In these important issues such as sexuality and the notion of what the reality in which we must act, we received orders unjustified or unprovable explanations.

This plunges us into primitivism, in obedience slave. We impose ideas that are clearly arbitrary and then we are threatened with severe punishment, whether they transgress the prohibition or know God.

It is a humbling education in which we confirmed that our intellect, our brain malfunction.

For anyone it is normal if the brain failed once, for example, not understanding why a girl can not have children with the man she loves most because, coincidentally, is the father and then fails again because he can not understand what is that God, who looks at us but we can not see it, who hears us before we can hear and other asymmetries of the sort, if the brain fails us in two important occasions, it is normal to stop believing in our ideas, our opinions in our decisions, our feelings, our sense perceptions.

The insecurity caused us these injustices imposed by force, predisposes us to not be able to make a living, not to be able to offer our work, not to encourage us to negotiate a salary, not knowing who seek to start a family, to fear that harm our advice to our children.

In short, these gross irregularities existing in our culture (prohibition of incest and God) necessarily generate civilized particularly insecure, emotionally immature and intellectually underdeveloped.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La prohibición del incesto y Dios.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.177)

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