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How to sell our work

In the old barter on current sales and job searches, evidence must respond faithfully to the truth and others that while the proposal enrich what we have to offer, do not necessarily need to have as much accuracy as the data, although necessarily must be credible.

Surely this they will say has already been said in some of the thousands of books that have been written on how to sell our work.

While never write something that has already been said by others, in this case I confess I do not know if my contribution will be original or not because, as I said, are several thousand books have been written on the subject.

A first thing to note is that we do not hire someone to offer something that requires as much or more than the money you will have to pay us. Never the less.

I say this in another way: an employee is someone who barter for money service. It is anything but a traditional swap, so to redeem a goat for a pair of shoes. This animal and these shoes are necessary for those who still do not have them and if the goat is worth as much as the shoes, then you will almost certainly be the subject of barter.

Following this line, the job offered must be necessary for the employer and the value of that work should be adequate. More specifically : if the swap goat worth the same as the shoes, the work is as good as promised wages.

When participants are bartering in the market, both try to enhance the value of what we deliver and undervaluing what they receive. The owner of the goat speak of health, the amount of milk produced per day, body strength to have many kids and simultaneously not show very excited to have shoes, but inwardly burning wish to have them.

Meanwhile, the owner of the goat shoes look with contempt, wrap your shoes in cellophane with a bow of satin and embrace colorful to show that it will be very difficult to detach from valuable footwear.

As seen, a real theater in which both know they are exaggerating and, therefore, both know they are lying, but none is angry because those are the rules.

Well, are those lies that do not cause anger which must never be lacking in the supply of our work and our salary negotiation.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Cómo vender nuestro trabajo.
 (Este es el Artículo Nº 2.179)

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