viernes, 25 de abril de 2014

We were a poor child

We ineffective to solve the unequal distribution of wealth because our feelings we are definitely selfish. We do not want to help the poor, we feel sorry for the hardships we suffered in our childhood.

I dare say that the pain that causes us distributive injustice, economic inequality between rich and poor, gets the most emotional intensity of our past, when we were kids and were almost permanently frustrated in the worst way.

To all of us because it is inevitable happened: childhood is characterized by a huge force and desiring, in turn, by the near impossibility for someone to gain us satisfaction. Nor could they not with all planetary fortune.

The imaginative mind makes us think that adults are selfish, they are millionaires who deliberately, total depravity, no mercy depriving us of why so many definitely need to be happy: "That doll or that red little truck,does it cost them? why they are so miserable they do not buy me?"

The rich, who own half the world's wealth, receive these same feelings when the press repeats the infamous conditions that we suffer unjustly million people, especially children.

As our children's frustrations are so horrible we ended forgetting them not to continue to suffer, most adults can not believe that her current pain comes from his childhood. On the contrary, they are convinced that it is normal, typical sensitivity of a mentally healthy human being, which can not tolerate a few rich are the cause of so much pain.

Maybe I can say that it is indeed unfortunate that a majority suffer deprivation, but of all the feelings that hit us this situation, they probably have a 10% realism and 90% recovery of what was our sad story and we had to forget (or at least removed from consciousness), not to suffer needlessly.

No wonder we are losing would notion of reality when we are carried away by inappropriate feelings. If we could assign him the interest of socio- economic inequalities really deserve, maybe we could make better decisions then you have been taken in recent centuries, are completely ineffective.

We ineffective because our feelings of solidarity we are mostly selfish. We do not want to help the poor, we feel sorry for what happened to us and that we have repressed into the unconscious.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Fuimos un niño pobre.
 (Este es el Artículo Nº 2.188)

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