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Economic wealth and utility

Money can not buy happiness, but it's a really important predisposing factor solutions: having a penis attractive represented by the economic wealth or, in the case of women, have a desirable body.

Because humans are highly social animals, gregarious, extremely dependent of integrating some type of group (family, nation, guild) degree instinctively establish ties, ties, relationships.

As individuals we need to feel different because the backbone of our psyche is the identity.

For me to feel an integral part of society and the individual time I feel, I have to know that others do not have my own identity number and that I stand out for other reasons.

A very basic level, we could say that men are interested we have a penis that call too much attention to people of both sexes (do not ask me what it is, just say so) and women need to feel desired, loved, dear, looks, also by people of both sexes.

The situation is much more complex than what I have just described; just do a sketch because the subject of this article is another.

Possession of money is a replacement for the long penis because there is authorized to display wealth but not the genitals. It is also possible to generate wealth but you can not improve penis length.

Meanwhile, the women, to feel desired, perhaps can do with something related to money, whether having a rich husband or father or having a job that provides them significant revenue. You can also enhance your physical beauty spending money on beauty treatments.

Therefore, money can not buy happiness, but it is a predisposing really important, such as having an attractive penis, represented by the economic wealth or, in the case of women, have a desirable body, enhanced solutions factor for economic investment in aesthetic treatments.

With both traits (genital-economic and physical), we ensure social acceptance, while identity is reinforced by single, attractive, desired, valued characteristics.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La riqueza económica y su utilidad.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.173)

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