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The bisexual reading

This article describes a metaphor, ie a comparison between two different phenomena objectively: The act of reading a book is perfectly comparable to having a child.

Readers tend to think that ours is passive.

Sure, we sat comfortably, maybe with some music, good lighting, and then we get into the book, to be driven by what the author has written.

From one point of view we can talk about passive, but nevertheless, the situation may be similar to another, which also seems passive but it is not.

I mean the feminine attitude when I have sex with who will be the father of her children.

Men and women, when we read, we enter a very similar to what occurs in a woman when you get the sperm through intercourse process.

The author wrote the text that corresponds to man's semen entering her vagina. Upon entering it occurs a process of fertilization of the mature egg and from that first phenomenon, pregnancy begins in the womb, a new being.

Something very similar can think of what happens to the text (semen) of the author, once entered our eyes (instead of vagina). The brain will act similarly to the uterus, brewing a new text, like a new being.

This phenomenon will emerge the real book, which will be held in our mind and that was fertilized by the writer.

From this point of view the metaphor (similarity between the events being compared), is very appropriate.

Clearly, the reader - woman stop reading if the text draws him and the woman will not come to be penetrated if the male is not to your liking.

While they (readers) do most of the process of gestation, male involvement is essential, and no novel without someone to have written.

The mother loves her child, that is neither equal nor equal to her father. The son is a third character with its own identity. A book in the reader's head, is not as wanted author or as the reader thought he played, is a third work, but probably will never get to meet her because no reader would think describe what new novel formed in his mind.

This is so for convenience of the reader, because writing what someone else wrote is not their vocation and because many ideas, feelings, images that emerged in his head are ineffable, can not be described, as well as a mother could not describe exactly how is your son.

In short, reading is not a passive task, the artist who wrote the book becomes as readers have so many books, and read it, for those who live more intensely this metaphor, as huge as having children pleasure.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La lectura bisexual.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.198)

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