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Determinism and suicide

Determinism seems a more accurate view that free will, but we believe in free will because it is more pleasant than determinism.

Our self-perception is conditioned by beliefs. For example, if we believe that the Earth is in the middle of the universe, all our perceptions will be appropriate for this belief.

Receive stimuli from our five senses then perceive perception developed according to these beliefs. Never perceive something whose existence we create, and vice versa: it is likely to perceive based on our beliefs, even when this perception could deny sensory stimuli.

This leads to the conclusion that everything we perceive could be true or false, depending on the success or the failure of the beliefs that interpret these sensory stimuli.

For example, with sense of humor, told him that if someone has cancer in one lung, it will be very difficult to convince others that it is not smoking, or who did not live in an environment with smoke snuff, or someone in your country not smoked ever.

Almost everyone believes in free will. This prevents us from accepting the hypothesis that suicide never had the will to kill. Neither will we accept the hypothesis that terminally ill whose tragic end is characterized by a performance of the deceased (hanging, gun shot, intoxication).

Belief in free will has several advantages. For example:

We are absolute masters of our reality, we believe we can prevent illness and death, we condemn those who committed any error or offense.

Believe in determinism has several drawbacks. For example:

We have no role in anything that befalls us, we are passive members of Nature, nobody is guilty of anything, but, in any event, is co-star of a casualty.

Thus, we believe in free will is pleasant, although it is not real, while believing in determinism is unpleasant, even real.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Determinismo y suicidio.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.201)

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