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Do not know why it is forbidden incest

When you find some explanation of the incest prohibition note that a hypothesis is only a hypothesis: it is not the truth.

For children and animals, incest does not exist. Better yet: Wildlife no incest. The species breed joining a male with a female, at certain times, when females is determined (estrus, ovulation period).

Therefore, the prohibition of incest is a product of cultures. The fact that in almost all cultures, (I said 'almost all', I said 'all'), is present this standard does not guarantee that it is correct, much less natural.

When adults watch the erotic desires of children to relatives (parents, siblings, uncles), they panic.

An adult in a panic to do any disaster that goes crazy. The scandals that occur within families for such serious neurotic reactions (panic about possible incest), often hide categorically.

"From this happened do not talk more clear?" Says someone with enough power and everybody obeys without question because what happened was serious.

Not really occurred, or was about to happen, anything outside of the rules of nature. Nobody is denatured only considered aberrant cultural vision.

The madness of adults, terrified by what happened or almost occurs, it is contagious and leaves indelible marks in the unconscious of those living situation. As this tragedy should be hidden, it seems to be forgotten but something significant is activated: the little boy who acted naturally left with the feeling that his instincts betrayed him, led him to want to do something terribly forbidden, which earned him yelling, insults, blows, penances, convictions, penalties, failure, acts of rage and contempt.

But this would only be serious if it were not also the small not receive any explanation that you can understand. Not receiving any explanation that he can understand, the fact becomes serious.

These situations occur in most families, are living with deep mortification. The family secret makes everyone feels the only monstrous planet. Hit it receives on their self-esteem is fierce. The obligation to forget makes this universal story in a lifetime feeling of personal ordeal.

Neither I nor anyone knows why there is a prohibition of incest and its unfortunate consequences.

Remember this: when you find some explanation of the incest prohibition note that a hypothesis is only a hypothesis: it is not the truth.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): No sabemos por qué está prohibido el incesto.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.192)

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