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The territorial invasion

I raise the hypothesis that the incest prohibition is necessary to improve the warfare of invaders rule.

I'm thinking that several videos with its additional articles to explain this topic are needed.

The goal of treating it is much easier to explain: if we accept to receive such an important order as is not having carnal connection with our first love objects (parents, siblings), we need at least some explanation justifying prohibition so frustrating.

For millennia this inexplicable accept standard and has not been anything serious, except that we humans have bred in a state of submission almost crippling our intellect, our critical faculties, our creative freedom.

To propose anything that someday I end up with a ban, but we need to review the supporting of this standard, so essential to our mental, psychological, emotional, sexual.

I'm sure the human being can go much further in their development ; is almost certain that if we compare the estimated our intelligence with potential achievements, obvious that we could have grown much more than what we have grown.

In this article I comment something that I say in the video of the same title.

I propose to think that this prohibition exists because formerly it was necessary that the invading warriors would rape the women of the conquered territories, so for them pregnant and installing a new generation of descendants of the invaders.

Males, under normal conditions, have an erection if they are not stimulated by the woman who as parents want for their children. Women raped hardly encourage their captors. Therefore, the military must have been frustrated in their sexual desires towards his mother and sisters so that, for a woman who is opposed to intercourse, to achieve an erection imagining that the captive is the mother or sister.

In short, the prohibition of incest could have been implemented for warriors wished women of his family, could not satisfy that desire and then could rape women of the conquered peoples, imagining that these were his relatives prohibited.

In peacetime, that frustration always resolved by the oldest profession: prostitution. A man can have an erection with a prostitute if you imagine that she is his mother or sister. Without this fantasy, it could hardly penetrate.

Even more summarized way: the prohibition of incest is a prerequisite for improving the warfare of the people rule.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La invasión territorial.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.199)

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