domingo, 20 de abril de 2014

Fear is an ally

I discuss two hypotheses of why so embarrassed cause in most, preferably male, who are afraid to confess.

What strategic mistake we make when we try to pretend that we are afraid !

It's so wrong that even the silliest know how to appeal to this concealment to beat us.

Conversely, if we accept the truth, that it: we are afraid to suffer, to embarrass, to leak, to thunder, ghosts, or whatever, for most ridiculous thing anyone could imagine, nor dumbest or the smartest may mock us for exhibiting something we recognize before anyone else: "I'm afraid, whether they know it, do not hide it".

From this declaration, so sincere, we can say with complete serenity many outsiders do not want to accept proposals.

Probably the key to having the best of our own desire to recognize how fear is unashamedly also because we are afraid of ridicule, so avoid simulate a heroism that nobody owns, except in fiction.

In the video I commented two hypotheses that explain how we got to be ashamed of being afraid.

1) At a time when the call was common to join the army, the prejudice that only the despicable cowards feared death was imposed. Everyone had to hide his human condition so as not to be labeled so as demeaning as it became the diagnosis of 'coward'. The poor wretches who were infamously killed by the follies of some rulers were naive citizens who believed firmly in the diagnosis of cowardice;

2) Religions collaborated with these genocides, encouraging bravery in collusion with the insane rulers, but adding a second ground of exclusive convenience. God was always a feared figure for its believers. What they call love is nothing but destructive terror of infinite capacity is assigned. If the faithful confess hide their fear and courage are trying to say I love the supposed goodness and not by terror.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El miedo es un aliado.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.203)

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