martes, 22 de abril de 2014

Fear of the desired

I commented some arguments about why someone who takes excessive precautions not suffer some unfortunate events, deep wish is to avoid what happened.

As always tend to assume that our behavior is consistent with the logic or our psyche is aligned with common sense, we assume that the same would be impossible wish that frightens us.

Seemingly, no, that our fears may be shameful, illogical, shameful desires.

In the video I comment the case of those who have fear of thieves, commenting that fear, which leads us to turn our house into a bunker, is unconscious counterpart desired feel holders CRAVED for someone objects, although this is a thief.

Another exciting reason is the desire to enter into the most popular statistics, for who has not been stolen in recent times?

Also added that being a victim is another form of ownership, interesting for more than one thousand taking precautions to keep out thieves, but when you go on vacation, they learn to more distant neighbors.

It would be nice to experience these adventures have a topic of conversation for a long time, to have a story with which we can attract attention in the next fifty family or friends gatherings.

If the rulers belong to a political option that we are not voting, the pleasure is even greater because we can rail against inefficiency in public security, taking advantage of the situation again idealize the supposed expertise of our candidates.

As in the recesses of our mind, every man was a warrior for hundreds of generations, stealing allow us to justify the expense, preparation and control activities the whole family, which will be subject to a state of siege imposed by the samurai house.

Since that unfortunate experience in mind Gladiator will be launched imaginary precautions, strategies, heroic battles, witnessed by the bewildered eyes of the women and children of the family, who can not believe the value of that good father that seemed so peaceful... while no one bothered too.

Here are some arguments why someone taking excessive action protections to prevent intruders, deep wish that there was an incident that put into play all those films.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El miedo a lo deseado.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.205)

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