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Award who dies

Not only indebtedness is hard to explain, also know why anyone waste their money on gambling, or systematically lost fortunes, or insolventa repeatedly.

Those who study these phenomena we go groping in near total darkness. We know that there are causes of all phenomena, we have some hypotheses that get along with psychoanalytic theory (1), but the fact is that little or nothing can be done for people with these uncontrollable behaviors.

In the video associated with this article I propose to think that the overhang can be an unconscious action to alleviate the fear of death.

Note, for example, how compulsive gamblers (gamblers) behaviors have mystical, kabbalistic, religious, devotional, magical. They feel protected by imaginary characters 'that sometimes leave' sudden death causing them equivalent to losing everything.

When these people lose everything and feel die mythical resurrection encourages them to keep trying, for which sobreendeudan.

One can imagine the fantasy is clinging to life better if many people pray that they pay all that you owe them. If you believe, as many people, that prayers are effective, on debt trying to form a club of creditors who pool their mystical forces and pray asking God to live until cancel... which never will because it is intended to be Highlander (like any human being).

The trigger of this article is the vaccine a few years ago and discovered the usual lenders (banks, credit cards, financed goods sellers).

This vaccine consists of a life insurance contract, which must be paid by the same debtor, so that in case of death creditors to recoup unpaid debt by charging the insurance company.

Thus, if a creditor actually they prayed for spiritual help their customers, they stopped because we were already concerned about the life or death of the debtor, knowing that in the event of death, the outstanding debt will be canceled by the company insurer.

In short, those sobreendeudan thinking that creditors will force the debtor to have a long life, and will have no need to resort to this procedure because it would be useless creditors no longer care about the existence of debtors. Of course, the insurance company does not care because at the costing who borrows to pay, they indemnify all claims (cancellation of debt by death) and still earn enough.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Premio a quien se muere.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.165)

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