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The penis of her

If we are guided only by rationality, this title is wrong.

However, it is not suitable to understand the rationality intellectual function psychologically. Psychoanalysis worth of poetry and art in general, engineering, mathematics, logic, physics, astronomy and other hard sciences.

In this context, the title is justified if we understand that the male erection occurs because it stimulates.

If we accept this premise, then we can say that the penis is who excites, it hardens and leaves it in a position to fulfill its most important function: to transport the woman's vagina the fertilizing sperm produced by the male testítulos.

The verb used to convey what purpose, to associate it with what happens with any other transport, in a car driven by someone belonging to another person and vehicle.

Although the owner of the machine is a businessman, responsible use is the driver. Well, the penis is the truck belonging to a businessman (the carrier), but the driver is responsible, that is, the woman who manages the referral transport.

When the driver does not work, the truck carries no goods, and when the woman does not handle the penis, this does not carry any sperm.

These points of view, different from the usual, let us understand why sometimes men with erectile impotence. Following the metaphor, this can happen the same happens when the driver attends not work and the truck remains stored in his garage.

The problem is exacerbated in the case of monogamous fidelity. The male, not having another woman to take charge of your penis, you are definitely create impotent. It is as if no other driver could move the truck and someone were to say that the vehicle is damaged.

I can not imagine a urologist recommending marital infidelity. In any case, make all trials wallet impotent can pay, medicate almost to will poison you and then say, with a look of surprise, not knowing what may be happening to the poor man, stubbornly faithful to the one trucker authorized to transport their sperm.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El pene de ella

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.193)

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