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Socioeconomic inequalities

Humans compare us for our availability of money, basically arbitrary reasons. What we do need is to link both either by love or by hate. What we need is essential so feel that we are part of a group (family, society, guild).

One thing is that there are people located below the line of poverty, homelessness, and can not have a decent life and another is a scandal to do with that situation.

We are all different and broadly conform huge groups, we differ: million patients think of the millions of healthy, millions of ugly think about the millions of cute, millions of families with many children think of the millions of families they can not have children, millions of poor in millions of people think they do not know what it is to have money shortage.

On this last point we live in a scandalous situation. The other differences are equally or more dramatic than the amount of money available, but it is in this aspect that the situation is more dramatically.

The comment I make them in the video relates to our way of interacting is through the feelings that inspire us mutually.

Both love and hate are feelings that are links, either attractive or repulsive, but thanks to them we consider the other.

Broadly speaking, we may say that we love those who are like us and we hate those who are not like us. In the background we have a matter of tolerance or intolerance to different... different to each of those love or hate.

The amount of money available is an indicator that differentiates us, but we have chosen quite arbitrary. We can not think angry with those who have better health, more beauty, more children.

In short, in this article I propose to think that we live dramatic socioeconomic differences that confront us and we both distressed, perhaps capricious, possibly absurd and despotic. What we need is to differentiate the background to stimulate a feeling of attachment or rejection, with which to be associated as members of the same species, because we are essentially gregarious, social, can not live alone, we need friends and enemies, to feel we 're alive.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Las desigualdades socioeconómicas.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.167)

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