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Why is it so hard to make money

As I commented here, impoverishment is a much more normal situation enrichment. The facts support this conclusion: there are many more poor ( normal) to rich (abnormal).

Because the stomach can not be spaced more than our food requires us income.

If today make enough money for the expenses of the day, we have to think of something to solve expenses tomorrow.

Our life must be organized in such a way that we can make a steady loss: daily have to replenish the energy consumed. It is an unstoppable discharge.

One alternative is to have an income big money to go spending it metered.

If we committed the mistake of spending in one day what we charge sporadically, we ensure that when we do not have income, we can not eat.

Therefore, all we have is the egress sure: if we have hunger alive.

This security exit, in contrast to income insecurity causes us a special mood: always have the feeling that we spend we won easily and troubles.

Self-preservation, in its task of guiding our behavior to live as long as possible, send us signals painful and pleasurable. In general, are nothing more pleasurable than painful relief.

Subjectively too, both sensations are experienced dramatically in the case of pain and with relative indifference in the case of pain relief (pleasure).

If both phenomena (spend and win), have the same intensity, surely perceive clearly the effort to win and we would realize just relief obtained when spent.

In turn, the painful effort required to earn money subjectively appears to us more clearly than the gratification obtained when we meet the pressing needs or desires.

With these elements we can conclude that the money is spent in pain and with pleasure, therefore, subjectively, we have more difficulty winning than to spend.

Spontaneously try to avoid suffering and, therefore, try to NOT make money. Also, try to increase the moments of pleasure and, therefore, try to spend money.

The result is already known: the administration of our revenues and expenses will always be down the deficit, the impoverishment, to spend more than we earn.

By observing all the elements together here, we can say that impoverishment is a much more normal situation enrichment. The facts confirm this reality: there are many more poor (normal) to rich (abnormal).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Por qué es tan difícil ganar dinero.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.176)

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