jueves, 3 de abril de 2014

Gastronomy and news

The explicit cruelty in the media and Facebook may intend to compensate our insensitivity (for adaptive and healthy saturation), or you can respond to the fact that those who post them retain child psychology, considering that small property scenes that an adult could not tolerate without bristle.

Just as our palate becomes accustomed to certain taste intensities, without which the gastronomic pleasure not happen, I propose to think that cruelty we see on the news (and on Facebook), responds to a kind of insensitivity that suffer viewers (and friends on Facebook).

The media need to call our attention and for this they have to excite, provoke such strong emotions as the tastes of those who prefer spicy food, because without plenty of salt and pepper are the bland, tasteless, inedible.

However, it has not only increased in cruelty explicitly informational and Facebook - to offset our adaptive insensitivity. I propose to consider another cause.

It is said that education has become less effective in most of Latin America. That is reflecting that we are emotionally immature. We are intellectually underdeveloped than before.

Child psychology has, among other features, a special inability to understand the pain of others. They can, given their lack of emotional and neurological maturation, understand how much suffering like a wounded or sick. For small and there are no terrible scenes there for adults. If we look at the classic tales find their protagonists suffer many ailments, to the delight of the children.

In short, I propose to think that our insensitivity may be caused by saturation of stimuli (such as a healthy adaptive response) and also because many people, perhaps those who post on their walls very cruel images are so emotionally immature that are enjoyable, so similar to how children find funny that the wolf eats Little Red Riding Hood.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Gastronomía y noticieros.

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