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The perfect complainant

In this article we give a very partial to the infinite relationships that occur among members of a work group or family life look.

Why someone is whiny?

The complainant is a necessary role in almost any grouping. In some techniques called group analysis 'spokesman', ie one who denounces what many (not just protesting because they feel uncomfortable), they feel that is wrong group production.

These roles are assigned almost automatically. Just as a theater director will tell which actor will represent each character, operational groups (those built to analyze and solve a specific issue), do something spontaneously, without anyone make appointments.

If we look from outside the operation of these working groups, we see that when someone assumes a role, all would suggest that the group validates this fact, ratifies, may even assume that the process was reversed, ie, the group assigned first assumed and assigned later. Nope: everyone feels the need to complain, or demand, or to appease, or becoming a victim, or indignant, or to provide information, or to report errors of procedure or partial draw conclusions (in halfway through) or final.

Another striking feature is that the roles are hardly more than one member. That is, when someone assumes to be the complainer, complaining, whining, others also have no desire to take that role and although had wanted to occupy it, may come to criticize the plaintiff, but not to replace it.

Roles are many, depending on what the task team.

A family is a team. In it we find roles: boss, sub-boss, subordinates, associates (adoptive family) visiting friends, scapegoat, saboteur, or protected hated criminal, invasive, saint, confessor, moralist, transgressor, questioning, revolutionary, to name a few.

In the video I referred to a situation referred to the confrontation between a claimant and claimed. As we all know, the interactions within a family group are multiple (between spouses, father 's favorite son, mother to mother, daughter with boyfriend away).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  El quejoso perfecto.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.200)

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