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Good artists and mediocre

Successful artists are not the best, are the ones who influence us the benefit of their sponsors. Unsuccessful artists are not always poor: surely are people who do not benefit those who would lead them to fame.

Artists are people who change our thinking, we realize it or we do not realize.

The Beatles changed the way we are from the 1960s, the cinema has imposed some beliefs, reaffirmed others and destroyed a few.

The literature gives us stories in which a main character has enough features for us to identify with him and, without realizing it, we adopt some of its features, ideas, ways of reacting.

I would say that the maximum power of the United States is not sustained by arms but is sustained by neurons in each of us that were colonized by various art forms, especially film and literature.

In turn, artists are people who have the gift of using an actor language (speech, features, gestures) we sneaks into the mind without being able to control it. We eat what we like and why we like becomes an essential part of our environment: We bought Beatles records, look a thousand times the movies where the heroism of the cowboys are lifted, the romance of the Italians, intellectuality, refinement and glamor of the French, the severity of the English and Germans.

Everything I say to the cinema, necessarily also applies to the theater, soap operas and literature.

Happen very often: reach the fame painters, filmmakers, writers, sculptors, we do not like. The explanation for this phenomenon is not a little strange that we suffer ignorance to make a proper assessment, but these artists are placed in seats of prestige because his art conveys these messages indecipherable ending educating ourselves, adoctrinándonos forming our opinions, adhering to certain ideologies and neglecting others, all of which occur because the messages of these artists come to us again and again because they want to occur the big capitalists, the governors, religious, political, any powerful messages found in the art of the chosen why promoters suits them.

Similarly we happen to some other artists we like but, strangely, do not get as successful as you would never choose. This occurs because their creations are not in the interests of those who might sponsor them. Just for that.

In short, do not reach the fame artists we like but the best help to the powerful (ideologies, religions, capitalists).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Los artistas buenos y los mediocres.

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