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Sold, yes or no

The marketing of goods could use them to get a job, but first we should acknowledge that the act does not amount to sell, as sometimes we believe in our culture, let us bribe, or enslave us to prostitute ourselves.

In the video they commented that a good first step to find where I need to earn money is to accept certain ideas:

- We are people able to solve you problems for others.

- We think that these people have some of the money we need;

- We think that for those people, under certain circumstances, prefer to get our help to keep those valuable papers (money);

- We must admit that there is a lot of that money you can reasonably spend our pocket if we do certain tasks, for those who have the money are more important to keep having it, ie it is significant to know that the buyer of our goods or services is willing to give some of the money they have to change something that we can give, which can never be worth less than what we will have to charge. This condition is essential: we can not overcharge.

The obstacles that I mean in the video appear because in our Spanish-speaking culture can understand that is sold accepting a bribe, or act as a prostitute acquire or leave us like slaves.

Well, if we accept that we are not corrupt or slaves or prostitutes, but anyway we should sell our crafts, our service, then we can apply all the marketing techniques used to sell items or services. If we can not actively sell, our job growth will be slow because it will be long before others know of our existence and of our great deals.

In this article I add something else. We have heard the old saying "Easier said than done is a long way".

Well, when we study the techniques of marketing our work capacity, remember that books are written with words and it's very easy to assume that equates to act them read. If I read "We need to advertise our name like a brand", my brain think that reading itself is the act itself, however, I think the conventional wisdom saying that goes "Easier said than done, there is a long way”, precisely because we are capable of believing that read, say or do exactly the same.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Venderse, sí o no.
(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.180)

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