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Normality of incestuous desires

Much of the anxiety that accompanies us throughout life is caused by not being able to talk about how we live the inevitable incestuous desires.

The theme of incest and its prohibition, is difficult to treat because it is precisely raised in our culture forbids but without explanation.

Some have invented a pseudo-scientific explanation as the basis assuming that the offspring gestated in those terms is defective or monstrous. This is not true. Others have turned to consider that this is an imposition made ​​by God.

The concern of this almost universal situation referred to, not posting incestuous desires, end up believing they are alone in each of us, as if we were the only ones capable of having desires sick as denatured.

I intend to share with you all ever feel desire for a family with a loved one, who was also a first- or second- degree relatives (parents, grandparents or siblings).

While we accept willingly the feeling of love, fiercely reject sexuality between certain degrees of kinship.

The important thing is to know that:

1) There is no agreement on what the cause of this cultural norm. Thus we can ensure that the prohibition exists but do not know why;

2) As the desires are not prohibited to kill or steal, nor are banned incest wishes, what are the other prohibited acts. Therefore, we all want what we want but what we can not do is kill, steal or commit incest;

3) It is important to know that we all have such intentions and that only a minority yields to them and acts. So that those desires are normal and have no reason to forget them, ignore them, deny them, because the only ones who will be punished criminal actions;

4) The prohibition of incest is a special case because we can not comment on it. For this inability to socialize our feelings, they become veritable time bombs, that fill us with doubt, low self esteem, insecurity about our tastes, desires, intentions, feelings. This silence may be arbitrarily imposed the main cause of anxiety that accompanies us throughout life.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La normalidad de los deseos incestuosos.
 (Este es el Artículo Nº 2.206)

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