lunes, 21 de abril de 2014

Left and right still exist

People left and right, in fact, belong to a larger group, however, identify them when we can appeal this partial designation, evoking the partisan ideological preference.

In other words, two large groups, characterized by understanding life in different ways, are identified with a trait, as if this were the one that determines the rest.

For example: a person left tends to assume that everything can be controlled. Assumes that "Unity is strength" and as they say, things happen by force, accumulating enough force anything can be accomplished. Hence, this large group of people also believe in the slogan "Will is power" is, if everyone wants something and bind to the same target, because end up succeeding is that will that can gather enough energy to do the that is, "Against All Odds", "Despite who despite"... "together we can", "United We Stand", "the people united will never be defeated" and other slogans voluntarist clearly defining what the mood that characterizes people left.

A hard right person is so passionate, proactive, radical, leftist solidarity as a. The individualism of the members of the right occurs as a consequence of our view of life. According to this view, each as may be arranged. Eventually, we may have a desire to help someone in need, but help only when you really can not when the emotional and collective circumstances we push to be one involved in a movement of overwhelming masses, in which the individual decision is dissolved in group decision. The right people do not believe that with the arrogance that derives from the brute force generated by the massive accumulation of irrational wills, will reach better achievements than by organized agreement, previously established institutions and governed by rules that are true.

In short, to speak of right and left involves using convenient labels to define concepts that go beyond the political ideology that everyone prefers.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Izquierda y derecha an subsisten.
 (Este es el Artículo Nº 2.185)

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