lunes, 7 de abril de 2014

Offenders meet our expectations

If a reinterpretation of who we are and how we managed to ordinary citizens understand that criminals do not necessarily have to re-offend in their crimes, they begin to change their criminal behavior.

In another recent article (1), tell them that the property crimes (theft) I have millennia of existence because, among other reasons, are inconsistent.

The inconsistency arises, according to this hypothesis, they do not admit that we are all disrespectful of other people's property (that is, we are thieves by nature), but we seem to be honored by fear of punishment imposed by law for such acts. In other words, we 're thieves and yet cowardly, afraid of being punished.

We can not accept these facts because it seems inconsistent that we most thieves and cowards. The hypothesis includes thinking that, if we take these two characteristics as shameful, surely our relationship with thieves but courageous (ie, assets thieves) would be different.

In this article I comment more.

We may also admit that it is very unlikely that a human disappoint others. However, in our Western culture, we start from the assumption that the assets thieves we are able to defraud that, in turn, we believe that we fail never honored.

Needless to say we all can disappoint the expectations of others, but I insist to say that this is the exception and not the rule. The need we all have to be accepted by the group to which we belong (nation, family, sports club) inevitably forces us to keep the bonds we have with them. One of the automatic actions is not defraud, not betraying your neighbor that keeps us feeling part of society.

For this reason, if honest (read: cowardly thieves) have the expectation that those convicted of theft are the only thieves unwittingly unconsciously try not to disappoint them. Although the majority interprets thieves are repeat offenders (unruly) what is likely is that they can not disappoint our expectations.

If a reinterpretation of who and what we are, we managed to change those expectations we have of those convicted of theft gradually begin to change their criminal behavior.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): Los delincuentes satisfacen nuestras expectativas.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.171)

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