viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

The guilt of innocent galling

Although it seems strange, the feeling of guilt is true that someone can feel when he failed to give satisfaction to their deepest desires and generally prohibited.

"What do I do, what I say or not say? No, better shut and say nothing".

In this inner dialogue we can imagine some ideas a bit curious because they deviate from common sense.

The most important of all : the speaker could be questioning, berating, repenting for not doing what I really wanted.

Someone committed a crime and was discovered. Given the authority that condemned because the evidence, the prosecution witnesses and other evidence is unquestionable, will have to load guilty and remorseful because if he insists on pleading not guilty the sentence be worse.

But nevertheless, go paradox! The detainee does not seem guilty. Why is that?

According to a widely held belief not we just feel guilty when we attack, defend or not enough, our own desire.

In the case of offenders found in the act, we think he did it to satisfy his desire, but had to simulate repentance not to aggravate punishment.

On the contrary, someone not involved in a criminal act, justice does not accuse, but it feels very guilty and depressed because, in their heart of hearts, he would have liked to participate in this criminal act.

Those who accept this paradoxical faith quite psychological functioning, we are left to believe in all acts of repentance, especially those that seem most compelling. The psychoanalytic logic to react well to someone that their clothes torn by intense guilt that says suffering is that such an attitude would only be reliable if it feels is guilty of having failed to satisfy its desire.

This mental mechanism is often unknown even to the sufferer. Many people, besieged by guilt hardly give credence to what really regret and reproach is not pleased enough to have the desire itself.

This could lead to an even more unusual conclusion: perhaps the jails are full of people who do not feel guilty but satisfied ( having pleased his criminal desire) and outside prisons there is more number of people who suffer the guilt of having inhibited the ability to satisfy one's desire.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La mortificante culpa del inocente.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.154)

The explainable socioeconomic inequalities

Indeed, there are people earning reasonably a lot more than others.

How anyone can have a great fortune?

Of course not give you a formula because I have not. The intent of this article is to describe a possible enrichment process.

Mariana is a young man who, since childhood, showed great aptitude for music, singing and dancing. He lived in a country with many people but very few artists. Parents and she came to the place from afar. All family members were scattered in the world as everyone went out to get a better life than they had in their homeland.

Mariana's dream was to see the joy of the parents if they could be reunited with those brothers, uncles, parents, grandparents, who had separated when the girl emigrated to where you live.

The girl began to more and more passionate with the facial expressions of the imaginary encounter and ever more fervently wanted to find a way to bring all these people to live their last years at her side and parents.

He was taking out accounts and concluded that it would require 2,000 currency units (dollars, pounds, euros, the currency you want to imagine).

To get those 2,000, she would have to work two thousand hours, for each hour of work 1 monetary unit was paid.

How can something so laborious? Finally found the solution. Give a concert than an hour, so that in such a short time, she could exhibit their art 2,000 people, each of whom would pay 1.- currency unit entrance fee for the show.

As we see, in that city, each entrance to an art show was worth the same as an hour of work for anyone else. However, Mariana acted as one hour before two thousand people that enjoyed during the same time, she ended up getting the amount paid for the two thousand attendees.

The important point is made, but you do not stay uncomfortable tell the girl could fulfill his dream of bringing together all relatives.

The purpose of the article is to discuss a way to make money quickly.

As is clear from the history, Mariana earned per hour the same as 2,000 people. That is, she earned 2.000 times more than any of those who attended the concert.

Here we have an explanation of how a human being can earn 2.000 times more than others. We also have that situation here could achieve only one person (Mariana) between two thousand common workers (those attending the concert).

Now, two final comments :

1) We could say that Mariana earned money as the rich win and the two thousand concert attendees made ​​money as poor people earn;

2) Auto note how such a basic situation becomes difficult to understand because it costs us handle all money matters.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Las desigualdades socio económicas explicables.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.136)

jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014

Freedom is lonely

To be truly free we must not be subordinated to any religion or political party or sports team, or dogma, or ideology. Equivalent, in short, to solitude.

Karl Marx (1818-1883) was a philosopher, intellectual and militant German communist, Jewish.

Precisely for this last condition is paradoxical that he has recommended to the Jews something like: "If you want to be free must stop being Jews".

The proposed idea is interesting for everyone, not just Jews.

Freedom depends on the universality while slavery is an inevitable consequence of the singularity.

By universality can understand the condition of not clinging to any flag, dogma, religion, ideology, whereas singularity can be understood otherwise, ie defend a dogma, support a certain ideology opposed to all others, embanderarse under any slogan.

Of these ideas shows that bigots are, by definition, slaves, while tolerant, are, by definition, masters, free, independent.

Of these proposals also shows that most people are slaves and free indeed very few.

Course free to remain free, they do not want anyone to be masters, but are only masters of themselves. Refuse to have subordinates, because the pattern, like the jailer, is a prisoner of his condition.

Our cultures prepare us to be slaves to defend certain ideas with passion.

Patriotism itself is a form of slavery, intolerance highly charged and, therefore, particularly loaded with aggression. Patriotism is stimulated by States for citizens are potentially warriors against other peoples.

In short: When you devote to demand freedom, consider what actually means to be free, that is, not belonging to any political party, not playing for any sports team, not adhere to any religion, be faithful only to itself. Therefore, the claim is equivalent to demand freedom loneliness.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La libertad es solitaria.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.153)

miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Free Will, Health and dominant character

Those who believe in free will also understand that human life is not as automatic as is the life of other living beings. Supposed to be controlled and eventually supposed to be controlling others.

Free will is the philosophical position that humans can make real decisions without being influenced by anything else than their own intelligence or will.

This philosophical stance is opposed to determinism, according to which humans can NOT take real decisions, but it is Nature that makes us act, act as does any other element, with or without life: a tree, a leaf wind, an earthquake.

Those who believe in free will are absolute majority. Very few believe in determinism.

According to this stream of low acceptance, to disbelieve in the dictates of Nature, while they believe in the ability of humans to govern their own lives, think that there should be managed, managed- directed, worked by each us. They believe that to live is to think about how to live, what to do, what to eat, what moves to make, how to control us even in the smallest details. The majority believe that our body is like a machine that requires observation, analysis, maintenance, monitoring, maximum control.

All this, according to deterministic, it is misleading because no other animal, similar or not similar to human anatomy, he takes much care or try to exercise as much control and yet, normally lives.

Those who believe in free will perform a series of actions when they feel some pain: take a soothing, Internet consulting, consulting a doctor, allegedly swallowed some toning, preventive, enriching chemicals.

With that attitude, I believe, and I propose to think practically nullify the processes of self-healing characteristic of any living organism. Not only disrupt the self- healing but in the medium term, continuous attitude that atrophy the natural mechanisms of self-healing process. For this reason, having achieved that atrophy, become totally dependent on the medicine people.

It is normal, between those who believe in free will, fantasy according to which health is a matter of negotiation with the doctor, similar to that is really bargaining when attend the mechanic who proposes options (buy a stock replacement so one customizable, repair today, make some general modifications).

In short, those who believe in free will are people who imagine themselves able to control their lives, and as are consistent, imagine also capable of directing the lives of others (family, friends, acquaintances).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Libre albedrío, salud y carácter dominante.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.152)

Money equals electoral votes

After many decades of balanced allocation of power, (Executive, Legislative, Judicial, Press), refocuses, now in the hands of financial power, throwing over decision making.

In a recent article (1), I would say:

"What really makes an investor is to order many workers to do the job that is the goal of the investment, such as "build a school", when investing in education, "plant trees" when investing in afforestation, etc..”.

Many years ago, in Uruguay, representative democracy was a serious flaw: big business to the polls concurred with these employees to vote the candidate that the employer ordered them.

The solution found was to enhance the conditions of the secret ballot. The body responsible for organizing the election act (Corte Electoral) takes every precaution to ensure that citizens are truly free to vote whoever they want, without having to take orders from anyone.

As I say in the article mentioned at the beginning, investors are ultimately people determine where the work is represented in the money they invest will apply.

Note how sometimes history repeats, with slight variations, but is repeated.

Perhaps it was in the 19th century when the most serious attempts to spread the power and improve the democratic system were made. The creation of three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial, allowed a better balance in decision making. That corresponds add the concept freedom of expression, in fact, consolidated fourth power: the press.

This worked fairly well, but from a few decades ago the power went back to again and unbalanced decisions because now the only governing any nation are a few capitalists enormous fortune. You've heard of financial power.

In short: the rich who ordered his workers to vote the candidate that would give more wealth is coming back to do the same when you consider that money is actually backlog.

Financial power functions as if they were the absolute rulers of millions of workers, virtually placed in the ballot box what the master (the banker, administrator of that concentrated on each ticket workforce), tells you.

From another point of view, if an investor says finance buildings where occupancy will the citizens of a country, the ruling will put conditions, this will have no choice but to obey.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El dinero equivale a votos electorales.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.134)

martes, 25 de febrero de 2014

Ignorance is a chronic disease

Whether in universities or Wikipedia, you have no choice but to meet our ignorance because it works as a chronic disease.

Health workers need to deal with our natural resistance to pain. In addition to knowing how to treat your body to ease discomfort, they also need to encourage us to endure the pain, saying: "we're done!, Strength, very little kick!, This is the last...".

As we are currently out of the situation, we can recognize that they lie to us godly. Overall, we do believe that it will be easier for us to overcome automatic response triggered by self-preservation.

In fact, these lies are useful because no one would claim "a bit more sincerity, please,do you believe it, they are treating me like a child...".

Education continues to be an invasive treatment because, to some extent, resembles a surgery where we removed ignorance and we transplanted a number of ideas.

Recall that we feel narcissistic love for our ignorance and our body naturally rejects everything that the teacher tries to implant ourselves-giving.

To help resist the cruelties inherent in the phenomenon of education, culture appeals to a lie that unfortunately ends up becoming true.

Like the nurse says "we're done!,Strength, very little kick!, This is the last..." culture tells us that in six years to finish school, finish in six years high school, which in five years will finish the degree, when the truth is you never finish learning.

Unfortunately, this delusion by which the culture encourages us to study "a little more, we're done" makes almost all stop studying when we deliver a title, when in fact ignorance is a chronic disease that needs to be addressed, by universities, schools, courses, seminars, educational or Wikipedia, for life.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La ignorancia es una enfermedad crónica.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.151)

Ignorance needs our species

Maybe we need to ignore why there is socio- economic generating rich and poor inequality.

I wont a hypothesis that could explain the existence of poverty.

1) Although we are like so many other mammals (dogs, cats, horses), none of the other species suffer so much inequality in the availability of human resources and suffer. Therefore, in addition to differentiate because we talk, we make great buildings and live many years, we also characterize us because there are significant disparities between possession of property;

2) Although there are many species - mammalian or not, they are gregarious (living in larger communities), human function as a whole, ie, we maintain an interaction between individuals that leads us to act as if the species were a large body, which has a head, body, vital organs, circulatory system ;

3) For this condition to form a great body, each of us is involved (inadvertently) exercising any role, either command, execution, management, combat rescue, gestation of new specimens, healing of law, and many others;

4) For this condition to form a large agencies have assigned roles and also have assigned material resources that determine our living conditions. Without that we can even explain it, many must be poor, much less have to be rich and have to have several intermediate possessions. Proportionally, very few individuals migrate from one condition to the other, but we all want wealth and poverty fled.

As in a human body, the circulatory system of the species we assign unequal amounts of blood - cell to each copy.

In short: it works our species. This inequality leads us organic reactions necessary for operation. If we find a satisfactory explanation would suffer material injury because of the vital energy arises from the disagreement and fighting to defend or improve our situation. The misunderstanding of the phenomenon keeps us active. If we understood we would lose that part of the vital energy.

Nota: O texto original em espanhol (sem tradução do Google): La ignorancia que necesita nuestra especie.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.133)

lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

What we accept education

Students should develop, through practical exercises, tolerance to frustration and two more things, as commented below.

There are three things we have to accept, like it or not like.

Rather, there are three more things we have to accept, but this article can not speak for all that we would have to accept because it would be too long. Also, I do not know what we would have to accept.

More precisely, there are three things we have to accept as far as education of the younger generation is concerned. That is, just write something about education today, century 21, February 2014. From Uruguay. South America.

Those three things are:

1) Children should, without emboldened, the teacher or professor can learn from them. Neither students nor are totally ignorant teachers know everything. Maybe it's the times that teachers teach students, but that does not mean all the time should be so.

So, (and this goes for students and educators) neither holds knowledge absolutely. In any case, teachers often know more than the students, but sometimes students know something that educators unknown. If students become great because they know something that the teacher ignores must learn not to be so arrogant, and if teachers ignore something that students know they must learn to not be depressed, because if they are showing that higher beings believed, instead of trained workers for "learning to learn" the new generations.

2) To learn sometimes is essential bored, angry, rebel. Just as all children have to endure the inevitable eruptive diseases, appropriate to their age, will also have to endure study when they feel like playing and have to endure memorize content that does not understand what they do.

Rain is inevitable and beneficial natural phenomenon, so adults should listen to the complaints of the students as we hear the sound of rain. After all, learning to endure frustration will serve them throughout life. The schools are gyms for toning frustration tolerance. Unfortunately, many mathematics teachers enjoy causing more frustration than occur naturally.

3) It's good that diversity, tastes, talents, time evolution is observed, but there is something that you can not respect is that the educational process is the formation of citizens who end up integrating a great team, that is, the productive power of the nation. Those future great team players must, minimally literate, understand what they read and handle handle tools as cutlery or toilet paper.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Lo que debemos aceptar de la educación.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.150)

The will of the powerful

Voluntarist statements are Ban Ki-moon, for the economically disadvantaged, as a lifeline for whom Stone is drowning.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (born in South Korea in 1944), in a message to mark the World Day of Social Justice, said the gap between rich and poor expands not only between countries but also within these. He stressed that the circumstances in which a person is born, where you live or what gender or ethnic group belongs must never determine the level of income or access to education, health care, decent work, housing, drinking water or political participation.

This information is extracted from the digital daily El, edition of 24.02.2014.

It is important to have a World Day of Social Justice to ensure that social injustice have long life, while this goal (achieve Social Justice) can never be achieved by dedicating one day a year.

The day after performing the ceremonial events that are customary in these useless agencies worldwide, we will all wash our sins and continue to participate in Social Injustice, if only as irresponsible witnesses, ie accomplices.

So, according to Ban Ki-moon, the circumstances in which one is born, where you live or what gender or ethnic group belongs, should never determine the level of income or access to education, health care, decent work, housing, water, or political participation?

It seems that "should never determine" because he says so, as a God who said "Let there be light" (and the light did).

The facts seem to insist that all those factors that Her Majesty UN listed, determine and make itself strongly.

I propose to think that these absurdities are unheeded, that are not part of what we speak and write to make things better. How long lose anesthetized by an address so out of place, just because it comes from an important personality?

What it says Ban Ki-moon to say that personal circumstances should never determine how it goes in life. For him, being Catholic is not relevant in Israel, dwarf in the Nordic countries, silly in a hyper-competitive, homosexual in a homophobic community, goofy but with sports, dull or myopic vocation in any country community.

According to this great character in a great institution (I say sarcastically), no difference should matter because that egalitarian intentions are powerful and proactive hyper.

Such statements are for those who suffer the brunt of the unequal distribution of wealth, like throwing a lifeline Stone who is drowning.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): La voluntad de los poderosos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.132)

domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

False celebration

I believe that the celebration of goals of professional footballers is part of the deceptive practices of the entertainment industry.

If we consider that very smart people believe in the existence of God and to organize their lives counting on the influence of that entity actually unprovable, we can believe almost anything else, probably from somewhere will draw evidence to justify the assertion that we occurs.

Although I have much experience in the matter itself took decades zapping with the TV and I have here the surprising thing: football players whose transfers totaling millions of euros they earn per month the equivalent of all the salaries of some small communities celebrate goals like they were having fun at a bachelor party.

But of course, the entertainment industry is as follows:

- The chorus of a revue always smile even if with painful menstruation or end up fighting with the junkie son;

- Having sung thousands of times the only issue that has been fed for decades, the singer writhes in anguish, love, passion, despair. The voice and hands are shaking, when completed, is in trance for a few minutes to bring you credibility feeling fascia;

- Notes the police complaint of theft frowned, twisting his mouth disgusted impossible to control insecurity, asking for more and more data to the neighbor out of the station convinced that in a few seconds, several patrol will come garage, sirens open in several directions, saturated angry policemen, guns blazing, to capture and chop in situ to the thugs who stole the poor man, who inadvertently left the door of his ajar home that, for that reason, even more seriously, the police had to interrupt a fun game of cards with inmates.

Well, yes: humans are infinite. There is insufficient experience to prevent surprised by his actions. Fortunately, for now, we are not able to know the intentions. The day that happens, workers who serve the public and even the psychologists themselves, they must be prepared to resist similar alternatives that intergalactic travel demand.

But please, well that even the physical, chemical and brilliant mathematicians believe in God, but still believe in the joy of making goals and even bumble as exhibitionists homosexuals is too grotesque farce.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Festejo falso.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.149)

Myths about the causes of poverty

The explanations of the causes of distributive inequality of wealth, are actually stories, legends, myths, integrating wisdom but lacking unquestionable veracity.

Poverty is a problem for several reasons. One, perhaps the most important is that we annoy many, we are poor or not. For some it is not a problem because it seems to them an important phenomenon.

Therefore, poverty is a problem only for those who felt angry at its existence, we are poor or not.

I say otherwise is not mandatory feel bad that there are people who have nothing with others who have too, and for many it is not a problem of the existence of deserts or oceans, countries or territories with a minimum and others with a vast territory, nor is there super irritating settlements with other countries with very low population density, there are armies and much more effective than the total population of some nations and so on, the endless asymmetries we can observe as important as beauty, health, intelligence, resistance to fatigue, sports skills, insight, creativity, artistic performance aspects.

In short, we have specific allergies but are not allergic to everything. Some inequalities trouble us and others do not pay attention.

Precisely allergy is an unexplainable feeling. Those who attempt to lessen the discomfort they cause only act by trial and error. If something works, then that something might be a solution, but we can know for sure why he does not know as well what is it that relieves allergy.

As our mind may suffer from fear of emptiness, when we know something invented an explanation. This explanation is similar to a story, a legend, a myth literary style: it must be credible, consistent, include proven known data and, above all, should be easy to understand for many people for it to be included in the wisdom popular.

For example, do not know why the money is distributed so unequally as population, intelligence, fertility of the land. As we need to know why that both irritates us a majority, invent stories by which the rich steal from the poor, assuming they are poorly distributed opportunities, we think that politicians are corrupt and abuse the weaker (the poor) to encourage them to deliver substantial bribes (the rich).

This story has all the ingredients: a credible, consistent, attractive, exciting, it includes some hard data, but it is a story. If truth and we would have ended with the irritating distributive inequality.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Mitos sobre las causas de la pobreza.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.131)

viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

Infatuation and its expected evolution

Falling in love is a mental phenomenon caused by a transient feeling of fullness, achieved by an imaginary merger between two people in love each other.

Never hurts to make any comments about love. In this case, destine a few paragraphs associated with mental illness, that is, infatuation.

Write like I know, that you used to read what people write you believe sabihondas not surprised. If you honestly say that neither I nor anyone else knows something, you might get bored and not read everything.

The psyche has several well-known characteristics, one of which is that anxiety every time you realize how incomplete are. Not only are sadly vulnerable, but also we are born ten or twelve months earlier. Everything would be better if we were conceived in about 20 months. In this case we would come out of the womb a little better finished.

This lack (incompleteness) is critical of a number of reactions that would not have if we were born as perfect as other mammals (dogs, cats, horses).

Everyone knows the drawing of the donkey and the carrot. Well, now that you know that both characters (the donkey and the carrot), represent the human being has come: the donkey chases the carrot as well as human pursue another person believing that, if we had your company definitely abandon that unbearable feeling of incompleteness.

However, as in all mammalian species, our female is seducing, at least, a male, who, from the time he entered a pre-psychotic state that invades the omnipotence, arrogance, delusions in height and other symptoms of the same disease: acute delusional psychosis, commonly called infatuation.

If the male responds appropriately, the woman enters a similar pathology and also imagine that from now on will end forever the painful feelings of incompleteness. As both follies are similar and complementary, the couple you enter in the same picture: infatuation.

What is this syndrome (infatuation)? Imagine that both complete; temporarily lose lucidity to recognize that you are the donkey and the other is the carrot, objectively separate and distant.

Nature has arranged this crazy duo, is reversible and when the woman has closed its gestation of new specimens, gradually begin to realize that it is incomplete.

Then the male will happen the same because it will begin to send signals regardless (ie you can do without it).

These two beings, now parents of some children regain their mental health but feeling distressed because, by the very wisdom of nature that seeks the conservation of the species, this pathology was more rewarding than the horrible reality, ie, that we are hopelessly incomplete.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El enamoramiento y su evolución esperada.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.147)

An investor commands an army of workers

What really makes an investor is to order many workers to do the job that is the goal of the investment, such as: "build a school", when investing in education; "plant trees", when investing in afforestation, etc..

Let our heavy blow intelligence, like Dumbo, elephant that Walt Disney used its enormous ears like wings.

Dumbo represents intelligence, precisely so heavy, how to flatten everything treads. Imagination fly like a butterfly.

Is Western culture in which we live, which favors underestimates the intelligence and imagination. Perhaps this is why creativity is so scarce and perhaps this is why we ever repeating the same reasoning, unable to take flight. We are so conservative that imagination elicits vertigo us.

From here, without risking anything, imagine something intelligent.

You may think that money is work. We only have money when we work. The value of money is given by the work involved.

Simply stated, the 1,000 that my employer pays me to each month, equivalent to the effort I did to earn them. If spent entirely on buying an object, this object would have that value because the person who did it also gained 1,000.

Of course, to express this idea as easily we are leaving out a number of other human interventions, for example, manufacturers of inputs, transport of the object, making the airplane, police looked anyone steal, rent the premises where it was kept among which was completed and when it happened to my hands, and so, a long list that break the 1,000, given the number of workers involved in the manufacture of the object ended up selling in 1,000.

Those 1,000 condense the work of many people.

The idea, a little novel, I want to share with you is:

When a person has money, he actually has the power of the number of workers involved to make that value.

When an investor gets his money, which actually brings is like an army of workers capable of producing. By bringing the condensed work (money), which ultimately brings the investor is that compressed work in exchange value they possess tickets.

In short, we think, to understand something about what money is, that this represents workers who were able to generate. We may think that a capitalist has many workers who obey him. He can command them: "build that school", "manufactured wood furniture", "vegetable planting" imaginary... All workers will do what the capitalist order them (depending where you are investing your money).

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Un inversionista comanda un ejército de trabajadores.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.129)

jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

How long happiness

The duration of happiness depends on how slow we should be to realize what we are missing: the slower our imagination, the longer the feeling of happiness.

In other words: happiness is a psychological state in which the person is convinced that it is complete, you do not need anything, it reached perfection.

In some philosophies used the metaphor of "oceanic feeling", others talk about 'Nirvana'. Words such as happiness, glory, heaven, grace, bliss also evoke.

Since psychoanalysis is possible to assume that happiness equals a reiteration of the time in which the human being was in the womb, or that one in which, by the logic immaturity of the central nervous system (CNS), the child felt part of a whole, this feeling lost when the CNS was developed enough to recognize their own and others individuality.

Although losing the sense of individuality and resume the "oceanic feeling" mean a severe setback in biological evolution, for many it is an attractive achievement feel confused with another human being. For example, the happiness we find in some states of infatuation is that involution CNS, why lovers merge, dissolve, merge, lose the notion that they are two separate individuals.

I return to the beginning: the feeling of happiness depends, ultimately, a decline from a loss of lucidity, of conscience, of realism and imagination.

For example, if someone is happy because a new generation telephone was purchased, it will still be happy until you realize that in a few days will get a new model that will become obsolete this marvel that took him to touch the sky with your hands. When someone achieves these psychological changes (happiness) from as basic as is to buy a new phone encouragement, you can enjoy while not realize living too ephemeral, unstable, limited, dependent on its slow time to become disillusioned and recover the realism that brings a healthy CNS.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Cuánto dura la felicidad.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.146)

Money is a good instrument

Somehow, the Pope proposes Francisco I work for free or are not understanding what you mean.

Next February 25, 2014, will be presented at the Vatican a book by German Cardinal Gerhard Müller (image) entitled: Excellent for the poor. The mission of the Church.

The book's title evokes one of the first statements of the newly Pope Francis I, in March 2013: "How would a poor church and to the poor!"

From the foreword, written by the Pope, I draw this thought his "money is a" good instrument itself "but if it is not offered to others, turns against man".

I share with you a few comments:

It is a breakthrough that the primary moral authority of the Catholic expressly say  "money is a good instrument itself".

As I say, is progress, especially when you consider where they are the most spiritual standing, ie repudiating "filthy lucre" (as they usually call it).

Another important phrase: "How would a poor church and to the poor!" Not much they can do without material resources priests. Neither priests nor anyone. Perhaps what I mean is Francisco "How would a rich church (as we have) to (begin to) help the poor".

Another valuable idea: "if (money) is not offered to others, turns against man". Are we referring to the same man or he is thinking of some other species? Can you imagine what would happen if we offered our money? Depending on the wealth of each, would enter into destitution in no more than 30 seconds, thanks to which, we would become the needy would have to help others.

Imagine: If a ruling party - the people who asks you to do something to contain a crime - wave, proposed the immediate evangelization of current prisoners and of prisoners who were once, how much would improve public safety?

What I'm saying is that humans are not generous for a simple reason: WE ARE WEAK, born premature, we need two decades to become young adults. With this congenital weakness, can anyone seriously think that we will provide the money we hard-earned?

With this type of policy, exposed from the highest ecclesiastical authority, which reaches millions of believers (baptized 1,214 million in 2011), the Catholic Church is sponsoring more poverty (we increasingly poor!) And the imaginary Minister of Homeland Security would have a bad management if you only try to persuade human criminals begin to behave better.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El dinero es un instrumento bueno.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.128)

miércoles, 19 de febrero de 2014

The writers only review books

Vampirism is an apt metaphor for what the readers who prefer books with extensive bibliography.

It seems that the writers of books that provide a lot of literature are just reviewers, summaries builders, people who make a short story of several works.

Film critics, who have watched many movies are reviewers, able to tell something you saw and add some appeal Anecdotally people. The truth is that no critic (Reviewer) is capable of shooting film sixty seconds of something he could recommend.

The same goes for food writers, different restaurants are walking and then write about what they found food, variety, customer service and the ambience of the place, the price level and the hygiene of the toilets.

Writers of books with extensive bibliography are misunderstood by the readers are not good writers, as well as the others mentioned are not great filmmakers or great chefs.

Sure, to some extent it is logical: when readers assess the quality of a writer by the amount of books that says you have read, dream of the belief that will make a great saving of time and money eating this condensate to avoid buying and reading all the books I read writer.

This mentality is a kind of vampirism: reasoning with the reader tries to take this logic, suck, devour, digest wisdom and writer.

Vampirism is contagious because vampires became such because they were vampirism. Are likely to abound in literature writers actually make a list of all authors who have blood sucked by reading them.

Continuing the metaphor of vampirism, note that not all victims of vampires have good digestion, ie, not all bloods are edible, ie, the reviewers of many books not always well understood what they read.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google):  Los escritores que solo reseñan libros.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.145)

martes, 18 de febrero de 2014

Lying is a reaction caused by intolerance

I mean the act of lying as if it were legitimate because falsehood is an inevitable reaction against intolerance.

Lying is a necessary activity for those around us are not constantly willing to accept how we are and legitimize our tastes.

Lying arises from a kind of intolerance to those who think, feel, and want different.

Who can not understand or accept that others think, feel and desire differently to yours, adopt an aggressive attitude as if those differences really constitute a challenge to your preferences.

For example, if I were vegetarian and bigoted, perhaps attack on those who eat meat for playing your approach ignores a veiled criticism, hidden, concealed my preference for plant foods.

Depending on who surround us, the need to lie may be higher or lower.

This need also depends on how special are my beliefs, tastes, choices.

In other words, attempts to smooth out uneven levels lie that separate us from others. We lie to get close to others or to prevent away.

We lie because we have no choice, by necessity, because we feel entitled to satisfy some people even if we flunk.

As in many other activities, sometimes we lose track of measure, believing that we are able to cover more and more tasks, we increase our generation of falsehoods to a point where you lose the effectiveness that we had when this production was lower.

As you can see I'm comparing, matching, resembling, to the production of falsehoods with other less reprehensible actions such as work, produce, manage, study, have children, grow our business.

As you can see too, I mean a reprehensible action (lying) like it was satisfactory.

I raise this because falsehood is inevitable when tolerance is low.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Mentir es una reacción provocada por la intolerancia.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.001)

The performance of the man and the money

Workers hired not always play well throughout the day or throughout the week, but our money is always worth the same.

We will discuss an absolutely simple idea but yet almost no one takes into account, as if it were unknown or complex.

The premises of this idea are two:

1) Human beings are not machines (obvious )!;

2) The money has a constant value within 24 hours, ie, at 8 am worth the same as at 8 pm (another no-brainer!).

There is a noticeable difference in performance between the human being and performance of the money.

Human performance decreases fatigue while the yield of money is constant.

When we covenant hiring any service, such as health, medical, mechanic or you suppose it will not be the same as do our work when he is rested to do it when tired or sleep that comes after lunch.

We will pay you with a constant value (money), but he will give us a variable value.

Therefore, depending on the accuracy required for the requested work or age of hired or urgency of implementation, should not be indifferent to assign us any time. We 're better off if we set in his schedule of excellence and we should not we set in his time of need.

If insumiera work more than one day, we avoid Mondays and Fridays. The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

When we have to go to a business or institution that serves us permanently, we must consider that the best employees are in prime time and the worst employees are in the marginal zones. Therefore, it would be good to consult a doctor on a Sunday at noon because that worker is the one with the worst performance.

It is known to all workers no less deserving reach the most convenient working conditions. So they must do their job in days and times in which nobody wants to work.

Of all these simple ideas and, as I said, almost no one takes into account, there is an idea that most know and it does have in mind : the best technicians are overworked and have to wait a long time. This means that, with this approach, many people who choose to have to wait more.

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): El rendimiento del ser humano y del dinero.

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lunes, 17 de febrero de 2014

Poor people in rich territories

Humans bred rich territories are predisposed to economic and intellectual underdevelopment. Humans bred in poor areas are predisposed to economic and intellectual development.

There is a saying that states: "The exception proves the rule". That is why some say: "If a rule has no exceptions, then it is not a rule".

But, of course, humans are so confused, erratic and argumentative that some would say, and rightly so, "Build Act loophole" whereby we can conclude that, if a rule has no exceptions, someone will take care to create them (the exceptions or traps).

With this preface I am opening an intellectual umbrella for filing a statement of my own, although I do not know if I'm the first to think it.

My standard rule or law says: "The poor rich territories gestated humans and territories gestate poor rich human”.

In Latin America we have many instances where my law is true: The territories that have deposits of valuable minerals or lush vegetation, are inhabited by poor people, poor, mediocre, indolent, lazy, apathetic.

We have many cases in which my law also true in Europe: The territories have NO mineral wealth and even have many arable lands are inhabited by rich, ambitious conquerors, adventurers, creative, imperialist nations.

United States is a case in which the law is fulfilled in the two most extreme positive: they have a rich country, but its people are so ambitious that behave like Europeans poor, who have no choice but to get rich because her mother not land has so much wealth for them.

What will probably happen is that the United States has a rich territory inhabited by immigrants but born in poor European lands. These poor immigrants fought like the territorial wealth without the adormeciera (as we numbs the South Americans).

Of course, the concept of wealth that I use is the Western capitalist concept. Our indigenous peoples do not feel poor even if they live in miserable huts because for them the most spiritual wealth is incomprehensible to materialists like me capitalists values.

This reflection, which nests in my head for decades, comes to light now because Venezuela is a rich country (oil and vegetation) populated by poor people, money and expectations of progress.

If we compare the Swiss and their very poor Venezuelan territory and its rich territory, we get a perfect example to support my Law

Note: Original in Spanish (without translation by Google): Pueblos pobres en territorios ricos.

(Este es el Artículo Nº 2.125)